Choosing The Best Sauces & Condiments To Have For Your Barbecue

When planning a barbecue for friends and family, you will have lots of details you will need to take care of to ensure everyone has a fantastic time and is well fed. You will need to ensure there are plenty of refreshments available for everyone and try and cater food for everyone’s tastes and requirements. You will also need to consider sauces and condiments, such as Thai sweet chilli sauce. Everyone will enjoy their food much better if you have their favourite sauces and condiments, and below are some of the ones you need to ensure you have for your barbecue to help ensure it is a resounding success.


Love it or hate it, no barbecue is complete without Ketchup, and many people love to drown their food in it. If you have Ketchup available at your barbecue, it will help to keep some of the kids and adults happy and ensure they enjoy the food they eat.

Barbecue Sauce

You will also want to ensure you have some barbecue sauce for the people who have a sweet tooth, and it can be an excellent accompaniment for foods such as steak and ribs. You may also want to use this sauce as a marinade when cooking, and it can help keep the meat juicy and succulent.

Tabasco Sauce

Another condiment that is at home at a barbecue is Tabasco sauce, so people who like a bit of spice and heat can be accommodated. You can also use this when making marinades for meat, and it can give an excellent taste to your food when it is cooked with Tabasco sauce.


You will also need to have mayonnaise at your barbecue to keep the masses happy, as many people like it on their food. Whether they have a jacket potato, burger, or salad, mayonnaise is a popular condiment you will need to ensure you have available.

Sweet Chilli Sauce

Another sauce you will want to have for your barbecue that is also excellent for cooking is sweet chilli sauce, which originates in Thailand, and is a balance of sweet and spicy. It goes well with many things, including burgers, hot dogs, sausages, and seafood, and you can also combine it with other sauces and condiments.


You will also need to ensure that you have mustard at your barbecue, especially if you will have hot dogs or sausages. You may want to get some American yellow mustard, some English mustard, and maybe a Dijon mustard, so everyone is catered for and has something to put on their food.

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