Giving Your Dinner A Spicy Kick

When you are looking to do something different for dinner and like a spicy kick in your food, you may want to try a recipe with Sriracha sauce. This delicious Thai sauce is a firm favourite with millions of people worldwide, and there are many recipes with Sriracha sauce you can try. Below are a few different options you can consider trying and links to the recipes so you can try something new that s spicy and the family will love for dinner.

Honey & Garlic Sriracha Chicken

Honey and garlic Sriracha chicken is a deliciously sweet and spicy recipe that the family will adore. The ingredients to this dish are simple, and it can be finished cooking in around 35 minutes, and it is an excellent dish to serve with rice or chips and salad. The marinated chicken is succulent and delicious, and it can be a new family favourite and your go-to recipe when you yearn for something spicy. You can click here to see the full recipe and try cooking it yourself.

Sriracha Chicken Wings

If you love your chicken wings, but KFC does not do it for you, you can consider making Sriracha chicken wings at home for you and the family. Including the preparation and cooking time, these chicken wings will take around 45 minutes to cook, but once they are ready, the taste will have your tastebuds exploding in your mouth. They are perfect as a side dish or with salad on the side, and they are excellent comfort food with that Sriracha spicy kick. You can click here to see full instructions and the recipe so you can cook these yourself at home.

Braised Brisket Sandwiches With Sriracha

Many people love braised brisket, and it makes an excellent filling for a sandwich. If you fancy giving it a twist, you can also select a Sriracha sauce recipe for braised brisket that is delicious. They are the perfect snack for the family on those cold winter days, but you can also enjoy them at a family BBQ. It is a relatively simple recipe, but it does take some time, and you do not want to try and rush the recipe, or the meat will not be soft and tender. You can click here to see the full ingredients and instructions for this recipe that you and your family will love.

These are a few recipes you can try, but there are loads more that include delicious Siracha sauce. Try adding it to your favourite recipes to give them a new twist and spice up your boring food, and make it fun for the entire family.

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