Look for a Restaurant that will Leave you Both Happy and Satisfied.

Visiting a restaurant for your favorite cuisine offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy a meal and spend time with your loved ones. However, with so many restaurants around, it may take you some thought on how to choose the right place.

There are times when you may be wanting a particular cuisine, and at other times you may be wanting to try something new. Therefore, look for a restaurant that can satisfy your preference of food. Moreover, while looking for a restaurant, you must also check out their wine list as some restaurants don’t offer a good variety and some offer overpriced wines.

When you select the restaurant that you want to visit, go through their menu as most restaurants now have an online presence and allow you to browse through their menu. The main ingredients of a dish are always mentioned, for you to choose easily. Also, the quality of service provided at the restaurant is highly important for you to have a memorable experience. A happy environment and good service, along with delectable food, make your visit a remarkable one.

Firebird Offers Tempting Vietnamese Variety.

Look for a restaurant that can give you value for your money. This does not mean that you should go to a cheap restaurant, rather you must visit a place that offers good quality and delicious food at competitive prices. If you are craving a mouth-watering Vietnamese meal or if you are willing to try something new, then you must visit Firebird, a new venture by Hanoi Hannah. Firebird has now become a well-known Vietnamese restaurant in Melbourne.

Hanoi Hannah has two of its restaurants in the same area just a few meters apart, however, they have different menus. The menu at Firebird is grill-driven and has a lot of amazing Vietnamese flavors. Firebird has some interesting dishes on its menu such as grilled oysters, Grilled Squid, Scotch quail egg, Lamb Rib Curry, and a lot more. It also offers an attractive vegan menu for people who follow restricted diets or just like being vegan. The food they offer is cooked perfectly using appetizing flavors, which will leave you both happy and satisfied.

The fully stocked bar at Firebird has a range of different wines, cocktails, sake, beer, and a lot more. They also offer a selection of refreshing teas and coffee. Their limited dessert menu of desserts such as Brown Rice Milk Pudding, Bombe Alaska, Mango + Tamarind Caramel, Passion fruit Mousse, dark chocolate + Almond Crumb is highly luscious and meets perfection.  You can walk in at the restaurant most of the time, but can also make a booking for your convenience.

It is a known fact that nothing can meet mouth-watering food, and Firebird offers exactly that. Moreover, the ambiance and the friendly attitude of the staff at Firebird can take your dining experience to the next level. Once you visit Firebird, you are sure to go back there, time and again.

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