New To Kansas City? Don’t Miss The Incredible BBQ Scene!

Kansas City is known for its BBQ scene. You may have heard some great things about Texas brisket, but KC is all about variety. The restaurants here stand out for their local specialties, and each one has something unique to offer. Like many BBQ lovers, if you like burnt ends, you will find that on almost every restaurant’s menu. So, what should you try here? What are some of the famed places? In this tell-all guide, we take your around KC for its BBQ food.

The best items on the menu

As we mentioned, every restaurant has its own specialties, but do try things like smoked pork belly. In fact, you will find all kinds of meats and cuts, barbequed to perfection, often with selected homemade sauces and served with in-house dips. Burnt ends are incredible and beyond what you may imagine, even by higher standards. Chicken wings, salmon filet, roasted chicken – expect all the classics and more. Some restaurants also have amazing shrimps on the menu, including varieties like shrimps wrapped in juicy bacon. If you have your confusions or want to try more without ordering a lot, you will find combos at most restaurants. The waiters and servers should be able to help you with the choices.

Where to eat?

If you are looking for a fancy and trendy place to dine and without compromising on the flavors, Q39 is your best pick. Relatively new, Q39 stands out for its sauces, dips, sandwiches, and burgers. Their burnt ends and pit master brisket sandwichremain classics, and locals like burnt ends with almost everything. Q39 is often full even on weekdays, which calls for a reservation in advance. Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que now has three openings in KC, and you will lover their standard menu, which has all kinds of meats to offer, although burnt ends is fan favorite. Try out baby back ribs at Woodyard BBQ, which is known for its bean chili served with classic burnt ends. Jack Stack is also a great pick, and they have five outlets in KC. Their sandwiches are particularly awesome. Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque sells by its name. The pit master was famed for many reasons, and his descendants run the place today.

Check online and make sure that you decide on the menu order in advance, to make the most of your time. Most restaurants, including Q39, have their websites with full menu available for a check.

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