The Next Best Thing to Brewing Craft Beer is Drinking it

While there are quite a few craft beer brewing enthusiasts, you don’t need to get the buckets and the yeast out to enjoy premium craft beer, as there are small microbreweries all over New Zealand that use local hops and barley to brew beer from ancient European recipes.

Supporting your local community

When you buy regular beer at the supermarket or liquor store, you are making profit for the big corporations, yet switching to craft beer means you are supporting local families who work at the microbrewery, which is a much better idea. This is even more important during the troubled times we are experiencing, when we all need to do what we can to help our own community.

Premium brews

As you would expect, a microbrewery would have an amazing collection of fine pale ales, lagers and pilsners, which come in bottles and cans and you can order a mixed selection to start with. This will allow you to sample the best of their menu, then you can order your favourites and stock up your fridge.

Craft beer is very affordable

You would expect that premium craft beer would be more expensive than you regular beer, yet nothing could be further from the truth; most craft beer costs less per can than most other beers, so you will also save some money. It’s easy enough to calculate what you normally spend on beer in a month and when you crunch the numbers with craft beer, you’ll likely come up with a lower figure.

Shopping online

When you want to buy premium craft beer, you can order from the microbrewery’s website and your beer will be delivered to your door. You don’t have to drive to their venue, which is great during the pandemic and ordering couldn’t be any easier.

Enjoy the smooth, crisp taste of craft beer

You might prefer the smooth taste of a European lager or a top-notch pilsner, or perhaps a dark stout beer. The best part of drinking craft beer is the process of sampling the various beers to find the ones that hit your sweet spot, which might take a few weeks if the menu is extensive.

Recycle your cans and bottles

If you’re a regular beer drinker, you probably would have an awful lot of aluminium cans or bottles to get rid of and finding an area in the garden to store up the containers until you have enough to call in a scrap metal dealer who would offer you a good price for any aluminium cans that you have collected.

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