Visiting A New BBQ Restaurant In Town? Try These Classic Dishes!

The Tex-Mex style of BBQ is popular in the US and beyond. Almost every city has at least a few BBQ restaurants that promise to offer authentic fare. For a foodie who wants to taste the most lip-smacking options on the menu, making choices can be hard.  If you have figured out a restaurant that serves the best BBQ in Kansas or your state, we recommend that you check and order some of these classic dishes.

Grilled Pork Belly

Some may say that pork belly is an acquired taste, but grilled version is a hit at most BBQ restaurant. Typically, the authentic recipe involves both smoking and grilling, and you would be served this with a special marmalade. Ideal for sharing at the table.

BBQ chicken wings

If you are someone who doesn’t want to take risks when it comes to meats, nothing beats the classic chicken wings, which is barbequed with special sauces. Every restaurant will have some variant of this one, and the best recipe will typically have a hint of chipotle.

Pork Spare Ribs

Another great choice available at most BBQ restaurants, pork spare ribs can be an easy pick for the flavors alone. Grilled with BBQ or other house sauces, the recipe doesn’t demand a lot, and it is usually served with some honey glazing on the top. Pork Spare Ribs can be paired with salads, even when you are on keto diet!

BBQ Salmon

Salmon may not seem like the ideal choice for BBQ like pork or chicken, but it tastes incredibly well when given the classic BBQ sauce touch. BBQ salmon recipes can be very different from one another, and if you are in mood to eat health, just order grilled seasonal veggies on the side.

Bacon-wrapped chicken or shrimp

Think of innovation in BBQ, and you have bacon-wrapped recipes. From the classic bacon chicken to more unique options like shrimp, this is a must-have when you don’t mind all the extra fat. Served usually with mayonnaise and chipotle sauce, the dish works well for lunch and dinner alike.

Grilled chicken

For those who like BBQ food without the extra dose of fat, grilled chicken is the best choice for them. Just make sure that you order something on the sides, or maybe another plate of smoked pork belly with grilled veggies.

Figure out the best BBQ eatery near you now and plan your visit!

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